Starting a New Business

Raising capital, selecting an entity type, organizing your business and more

When starting an enterprise there are lots of questions. We have answers.

Your new business may need to raise capital, secure a lease for office space, choose a type of entity, hire new employees, or all of the above. We can help with these aspects of starting a new business and many more. We use our expertise and experience to ensure that new businesses start on sound legal footing. Our services include:

  • Entity creation: Should you form an entity for your new business?  If so, should the enterprise be a limited liability company or corporation? We’ll help you decide and prepare and file the necessary documents.
  • Relationships among owners: shareholder agreements to address what happens if an equity owner: dies, suffers an incapacitating disability, terminates involvement with the business, wants to voluntarily transfer the owner’s interest or it is involuntarily transferred. We also assist with limited liability company agreements, promissory notes for shareholder loans and associated security interests.
  • Hiring employees: What policies, procedures, and agreements do you need?  What are the legal requirements regarding compensation? Will the employees have equity-based incentive compensation such as options or restricted stock or stock appreciation rights?
  • Getting funded: What type of funding is appropriate?  Is equity or debt the right fit?  We can also advise you about what funding terms are appropriate and common in the market.
  • Real estate matters: What issues should you consider when buying or leasing commercial real estate?
Cook Little & Sheehan Phinney

Cook Little is pleased to announce that we have joined the business law firm, Sheehan Phinney.