Protect Your Business and Your Ideas

Intellectual Property, Non-Compete Agreements, Business Litigation, Employment Law

Your enterprise needs protection. Successful businesses are often targets for parties seeking to exploit your success for their own gain. Whether you need to protect intellectual property, prepare non-competition/non-solicitation agreements for your employees or enforce a non-compete agreement against a former employee, or protect yourself from pending litigation, our experienced legal team can help. The CLRM team brings our expertise to a wide range of protective legal measures, whether you are proactively protecting your business or engaged in a dispute. Our extensive experience includes:

  • Protecting  trade secrets and other confidential information.
  • Identifying and protecting other intellectual property.
  • Employee agreements and contractor agreements including confidentiality agreements, noncompetition agreements and non-solicitation agreements.
  • Contracts with vendors, customers, joint ventures, business partners, and independent contractors.
  • Agreements with Distributors and Sales Representatives and for any consignment placement.
  • Pursuing rights and defending companies in business litigation.
  • Litigating cases of theft of intellectual property, breach of contract and more.
  • Defending employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful discharge, wage and hour violations, and more.
  • Maximizing your rights with standard terms and conditions for your sales to customers.
  • Protecting your right to be paid by customers after a sale, including purchase money security interests.
  • Ensuring that satisfying customer demands, such as with regard to pricing, does not violate anti-trust laws.
Cook Little & Sheehan Phinney

Cook Little is pleased to announce that we have joined the business law firm, Sheehan Phinney.