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At Cook Little, we have a deep bench of experienced corporate lawyers ready to advise your company on a wide range of business issues. Whether the issue pertains to organizing a new enterprise, negotiating a contract with a customer or vendor, raising capital, providing equity-based compensation to your employees, contractors, directors, advisors, dealing with tax-related matters, or selling your business, we are ready to help you.

Our lawyers are seasoned business advisors for our clients, forming part of the client’s circle of trusted advisors and viewed by many clients as their “outsourced in-house” counsel. We find we are most efficient and most cost-effective when we are part of the discussion before trouble arises. We are often asked to attend our client’s board meetings, provide feedback on a variety of issues affecting the business, and are considered both a legal and business resource for our clients. In any business or commercial endeavor, there are legal considerations that must be taken into account. We leverage our experience, knowledge and networks to work together with our clients to help them make the decisions they face to grow their businesses.

While we spend a good deal of time working proactively with clients to help them avoid problems, we are often called upon after a problem has arisen. We have the experience to help evaluate the factors involved and focus on the matters that are most critical to work expeditiously towards a practical strategy to remedy the situation.

We can advise on issues that range from the challenges facing almost every business, such as buy-sell agreements, promissory notes, noncompetition agreements and leases to issues that are a more unique to your particular circumstances, such as adequately protecting trade secrets or making sure you are properly issuing new shares of stock in a round of equity financing. Whatever your business challenge is, we can leverage our experience to guide you through it.

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Cook Little is pleased to announce that we have joined the business law firm, Sheehan Phinney.