Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

We help protect what you’ve worked hard to build

Your confidential business information and the information entrusted to your business by clients and customers is of the utmost importance. We have extensive experience advising businesses on strategies for protecting, pursuing, and defending their confidential information and trade secrets.

Advising & Protecting

We advise businesses on what can be protected and how to protect it. We work closely with clients to develop policies, procedures, and agreements to protect information. We create, update, and provide advice on non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and non-competition agreements, agreements regarding ownership of intellectual property, and social media policies. We advise on procedures for maintaining trade secrets and confidential information, and provide practical guidance for implementing these procedures.

Pursuing & Defending

If confidential information or trade secrets are misappropriated, we apply our substantial experience to protect and recover those business assets. Our trial lawyers work with forensic computer experts when appropriate to gather relevant information, seek temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, and pursue claims for damages through trial. We have handled a substantial range of cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information, as well as non-compete and non-solicitation cases at the preliminary injunction and trial stages for a wide variety of businesses including software and other technology companies, food industry, healthcare, insurance and manufacturing companies.

We also have extensive experience in defending individuals and businesses against claims of misappropriation and/or violations of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Our approach to defending these claims includes determining and advising clients on risk exposure, generating possible stategic options, and aggressive and capable defense in court.

If you have questions about protecting your business’ confidential information and trade secrets or pursuing or defending potential claims, we are prepared to act quickly and efficiently with you to identify and implement an appropriate course of action.

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