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CLRM is committed to helping entrepreneurs build solid, thriving businesses

At Cook Little, we have a particular interest and extensive experience with working with start-up companies on the unique challenges and business issues that they face. We are devoted to working with start-ups from inception and formation, to organization, through growth, expansion and exit. We understand the particular challenges that start-ups face and we are experienced at advising these companies within the constraints of the limited recourses that they have, especially early on.

Our experienced attorneys work with our clients on issues that are unique to start-ups. Among other things, we advise our clients on all phases of obtaining financing. We work closely with our clients to examine the various financing alternatives that may be available to them, including selling shares of stock, taking on debt, royalty-based financing, or some combination, and which form may be most suitable. We utilize our market knowledge and experience to advise our clients about appropriate deal terms and creative ways to address the many issues that can arise in any financing transaction.

For us, working with start-ups is as much about guiding these companies through the many issues that are unique to them as it is about providing legal advice. We work closely with these companies to help them maximize the resources they have, focus on the issues that are most important, and to find effective solutions to best leverage their limited resources. In working with start-ups, we also leverage our extensive network of other professional advisors and financing resources that have exhibited interest and skill in working with start-up companies.

Our devotion to these companies is exhibited by our extensive involvement in the various resources across the state available to New Hampshire start-ups and entrepreneurs. This includes Cook Little’s Founding Sponsorship of the abi Innovation Hub in Manchester, our sponsorship of the Idea Greenhouse in Durham, our extensive involvement in the New Hampshire Entrepreneur of the Year Award Event, our participation in the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s Entrepreneur’s Forum, and our long standing commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Hampshire.

In addition, we are always willing to discuss with our high growth start-ups our various billing alternatives. We have implemented a variety of different billing alternatives, to try to match our start-up clients’ resources with their legal needs, and to think creatively about how to provide these companies with the assistance they need when resources are most constrained.

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