From start-ups to multinational corporations

Cook Little provides legal services for enteprenurial businesses of all sizes and in all stages of growth. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of many specialized areas including manufacturing, high tech, start-ups, non-profits, and more. We know that every industry has unique challenges and considerations, and we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

We have chosen to devote our practices to working with entrepreneurs of all types – from start-ups to established, privately-owned companies, and even entrepreneurial non-profits. Our clients operate technology companies, service companies, established manufacturing enterprises, and many other entrepreneurial ventures. They bring energy, drive, and a will to succeed, making their businesses thrive.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset – a combination of determination, creativity, calculated risk-taking, and business acumen. Our clients often look to us as more than just legal advisors – we are sounding boards, business advisors, and a networking resource.

We’re dedicated to delivering the legal services and resources that today’s businesses need to succeed. Bring us your challenges.

Legal counsel with an understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles that face manufacturers.
Helping you meet business objectives while respecting family relationships.
Serving the specific legal concerns of doctors, dentists, engineers, accountants, attorneys and other professionals.
Addressing the needs of non-profits and helping them reach their goals and plan for the future.
Building a strong legal foundation for your new venture begins with an experienced team.
Cook Little & Sheehan Phinney

Cook Little is pleased to announce that we have joined the business law firm, Sheehan Phinney.