COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments Set to Arrive in NH

Dear Client and Friends,

This is a remarkable day as the first shipments of a COVID-19 vaccine are set to arrive in New Hampshire and other states throughout the country today. However, for the vast majority of businesses and individuals, it is business as usual – well “2020-style usual” that is.

We want to share some helpful resources recently updated by the New Hampshire DHHS to assist employers with keeping themselves and their employees focused on measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In particular, you may find the following useful:

  • Updated guides on what it means to quarantine and isolate are available here: Isolation Guide and here: Quarantine Guide. A helpful chart comparing the similarities and differences between quarantine, isolation, and self-monitoring can be found here: Comparison Chart. These can be provided to employees when they are instructed to quarantine or isolate due to the virus.
  • Updated guidance on criteria for return to work and crisis staffing in long term care facilities and other health care settings is available here: Return to Work & Crisis Staffing in LTC Facilities and Other Health Care Settings.
  • The NH DHHS Bureau of Infectious Disease Control also has a well-organized, comprehensive COVID-19 FAQ document available here: NH DHHS COVID-19 FAQs.

In addition, if any of you are checking the NH Universal Guidelines as obsessively as we are, you may have noticed late last week that the date on the Universal Guidelines changed from December 8 to December 9, indicating that the Universal Guidelines were updated again. The update does not appear to have made any substantive changes. The date on the NH Travel Guidance was similarly updated to December 9, again without substantive changes. You can find the most recent versions of those documents here: NH Safer at Home Universal Guidelines and here: NH COVID-19 Employer Travel, Screening, and Exclusion Guidance.

We hope this information is helpful to you, and we hope that your week is off to a good start.

Sincerely, Jen and Andrea



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