Matthew H. Benson, Member


Matt Benson is a corporate attorney and advises his business clients on a variety of legal and business issues. He represents entrepreneurs of all types and at all stages of their businesses, from start-up to exit.

In his work with start-up and other privately held companies, Matt has counseled his clients on a variety of corporate matters, including entity formation, obtaining angel round financing, venture capital or other debt and/or equity financing, executive and employee compensation, contract issues, equity ownership matters, and exit strategy issues. He also advises his technology-related companies on a wide range of matters specific to them, including software licensing, licensing of intellectual property, and website development matters.  In addition, he is involved in various non-profits and is Chair of the Live Free and Start Advisory Council, an initiative of the Governor’s office, the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority, and NH’s Division of Resource and Economic Development.

Matt also advises doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals on a variety of matters, including ownership issues, the buying and selling of medical practices, and negotiating employment and other contracts with hospitals.